About Sisterfani

Sisterfani was created in the middle of 2018. At that time, Sisterfani was built using pure PHP and MariaDB. Then in early 2023, Sisterfani was rebuilt from scratch, using Laravel framework and PostgreSQL database.

Sisterfani is currently housed on a server located in Dallas, Texas. It is powered by 4 GB RAM and 3 vCPUs. This server is separate from the school's Moodle server, but is capable of communicating and exchanging data.

By using Sisterfani, school management team is able to monitor tuition arrears, as well as temporarily close access to Moodle for students who still have tuition arrears. This does not mean that these students cannot access Moodle forever, but they only need to request dispensation. After that they can access Moodle as usual.

There are four types of accounts on Sisterfani, namely: Teacher accounts, student accounts, parent accounts, and guest accounts. Teacher accounts are divided into several sub-accounts, for example: Regular teachers, homeroom teachers, department heads, principal, and so on.

Another feature of Sisterfani is the lesson schedule, where Vice Principal for Curriculum can set up the lesson schedule in Microsoft Excel, then the data can be synchronized with Sisterfani so that teachers and students can see changes in almost real time.

There are still many features in Sisterfani, for example New Student Admission and attendance. For a more detailed explanation, please contact Mawan A. Nugroho.