About Me

My name is Mawan Agus Nugroho, S.Kom, M.Kom. Usually called Mawan. In addition to making this application, I made several other applications, for example the New Student Admission application which in 2022 was used by several "SMK Negeri" (Public Vocational High Schools) in Tangerang City and in South Tangerang City.

I've loved computer programming since I was in the 12th grade of high school. At that time I have won first place in a computer programming quiz held by Mikrodata magazine.

My achievements in the computer field:

  1. 1st place in ReadMe Programming Competition held by Mikrodata magazine, around 1990s;
  2. 3rd place in the General Category in the National Website Design Competition held by APJII and Microsoft Indonesia, 1997;
  3. Webmaster of SMK PGRI 1 Tangerang website who won:
    • 3rd place for the high school category in the High School and College Website Competition held by the 2003 Harkitnas committee of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, June 17, 2003;
    • 1st runner-up in the Website Design Competition for Vocational High Schools in Indonesia, held by Sekolah2000 and Dikmenjur, on October 28, 2000;
  4. Several times wrote computer programming articles in Mikrodata and @Internet magazines, one of which was later booked by Gramedia, entitled "Data Security 2" (PT Elex Media Komputindo, 1995, ISBN 979-637-743-8).

Please contact me by email at: [email protected]