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Saat ini Sisterfani menampilkan informasi dalam bahasa Inggris. Untuk berpindah ke bahasa Indonesia, sila klik di sini.

How to use this web app?

  • If you are a teacher: Sign in using the Google account (,, or that has been registered in Sisterfani. Contact the admin for further explanation.
  • If you are a student: Sign in using your Google account ( or, then register your email by clicking the link labeled "Register Your Email". Once your email is registered, also register your parents' email by clicking on the link labeled "Parents' Email".
  • If you are a student's parent: Ask your child to register your email so that Sisterfani can know that you are his/her parent. Once registered, please login using that email.

Welcome to Sisterfani.

Sisterfani stands for "Sistem Informasi Terpadu (Integrated Information System), fast and nice interface". Initially, this web was developed to be used in SMK PGRI 1 Tangerang, a vocational high school that is accredited A and now has the title of SMK Pusat Keunggulan (Center of Excellence).

SMK PGRI 1 Tangerang is located on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan 2, Cikokol education and office complex, Tangerang city, Banten province, Indonesia.

The services provided by Sisterfani are:

  1. Lessons schedule;
  2. Teachers and students attendance;
  3. Tuition fee billing information;
  4. Point deduction system for student discipline violations;
  5. Integrated with Moodle login systems.

We are in the process of switching our sign in method from using an internal username and password to using the Google OAuth2 system. Once our application is approved by Google, you can start sign in using your email on Google.

You can also visit our old website at