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How to use this web app?

  • If you are a teacher: Sign in with the Google account (,, or registered in Sisterfani. Contact the admin for further explanation.
  • If you are a student: Sign in with your Google account ( or and then register your email by clicking on the "Register your email" link.
    Another way is to contact your homeroom teacher. He/she will help you enter your email.
    Once your email is registered, register your parent's email by clicking on the link labeled "Parent's Email".
  • If you are the parent of a student: Ask your child to register your email so that Sisterfani knows that you are his or her parent. Once registered, please sign in using that email.

Having trouble using this application? Try some of the following tips:

  1. Do not click on the link to Sisterfani from within the WhatsApp or Telegram apps. Instead, open the Google Chrome or Firefox app from your desktop or home screen.
  2. Use the new private window mode / incognito mode.
  3. If you are using Windows 7, please use the latest version of Firefox.
  4. If you are having trouble signing in with your Google Account (for example, because you forgot your password or created a new account), please contact your teacher. If you are a parent, please ask your child to change their parent's email.

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